Regulating Food Establishments

Sullivan County Health Department regulates the operation of food establishments and retail food stores in Sullivan County.

  • Anyone in the food handling industry is required to have a food handling safety card. Food Safety Handling Cards are priced at $10.00, valid for two years. Classes are offered May – July each year.
  • Food Permit are $50, good through July 1 – Jun 30


To establish up-to-date sanitation standards for food-service establishments and retail food stores designated in section 196.010 and 196.190, RSMO and Missouri regulation 19 CSR 20, using the most current recommendations of the Association of Food and Drug Officials, the Food and Drug Administration and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.


Inspections shall be conducted by an EPHS or the Administrator of the SCHD.
The frequency of Food Establishment inspections shall be determined according to public health priority, which is calculated using the Food Establishment Public Health Priority Assessment Worksheet. Food Establishments in the high-risk category should be inspected on a more frequent basis than medium risk facilities, which in turn, should be inspected on a more frequent basis than low-risk facilities.

  • Restaurant Inspections
  • Convenience Store Inspections


Automatic Closure

Any Food Establishment that has at least 6 Critical Items indicated on the inspection sheet shall automatically cease operations until such time as the critical items are determined, by re-inspection, to be corrected. A “Critical Item” shall be defined as a provision of state regulations, the Code or this regulation, noncompliance with which. “is more likely than other violations to contribute to food contamination, illness, or environmental health hazard.”

Other Closure

Any Food Establishment that is found to have a condition or situation that is an imminent public health hazard shall be required to cease operations until the condition or situation is corrected.


Re-inspection will be done within 5 business days of SCHD’s receipt of notification from the Permit holder that Critical Items or imminent public health hazards have been corrected.


The Permit holder and all employees of a food service or retail food establishment that is served an automatic closure order shall renew their basic food handlers training.

More Information

For complete Food Ordinance information, download the pdf.